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Below you'll find some references of satisfied customers supplied by Tecnotrans:



Stralsund, Germany
Company: Beske & Partner
Application: Potato Processing Plant, Beske & Partners, Stralsund. The waste water from the potatoes and carrot peeling process are led directly into the solids separator. Equipped with a very fine precision filter, the machine separates the micro particles and also coarse fractions of the liquid medium. The separated solids are dewatered simultaneously and discharged from the machine. In this compact form, the separated solids have ideal properties in terms of storage and transportation and can be used as animal feed or be fed into biogas plants. The filtered waste water is environmentally friendly and does not require further post-treatment.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Company: Natural Aloe Vera Costa Rica
Produces various high quality Aloe Vera products for example like Aloe Vera concentrate, Pure Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera powder. Tecnotrans installed a high efficient and automatic dicing equipment for Aloe Vera filets. This application is a very high precision technology. The machine cuts exact tiny dices of 4 x 4 mm out of the pulp with a capacity of aprox. 500 kg/h. The product obtained will be blend in natural juice or in yoghurt.

San José, Costa Rica
Company: PMT (fish processing and exporting plant)
Application: The company employes a fully automatic fish skinning machine, mod. SB 495, mainly to process Mahi Mahi. The machine enables to process high yields, aprox. 3,000 kgs / h) and its use means more efficiency and profit due to cutting down labour cost and avoiding loss of fish.


Puerto Montt, Chile
Company: Marine Harvest Chile
Application: The processing plant is located in one of the world's most important production area for salmon. Two tumblers 'Ecomas' supplied by TECNOTRANS, with a capacitiy of 500 ltrs. each, are used for production of marinated salmon fillets.


Cali, Colombia
Company: Cervalle - Cerdos del Valle SA, Colombia (Meat processing plant)

Application: Derinding of pork with an automatic derinding machine, mod. CB 496 for large pieces of pork. Furthermore the membrane skinning machine V 560N. The mentioned machines save labour cost and increase efficiency.


Panamá, Rep. Panamá
Company: Macello S.A. (slaughterhouse for pigs and cattle)
Aplication: A press screw separator is used to separate the solids of the red and green line. At the same time the machine dehydrates the solids by squeezing it through a cylindrical screen. Then the solids leave the machine drip free. The main objective is to obtain a filtered liquid to contribute to environmental protection.


Nova Aurora, Paraná, Brasil
Company: Copacol - Coop. Agroind. Consolata
Application: Modern fish processing plant: Skinning of tilapia with SB 495-Twin.


Cartago, Costa Rica
Company: Granja Porcina Ramirez (hog producer)

Application: The pig stall is located close to a small town and its operation has to meet the environmental requirements. Therefore a press screw separator is used in order to treat the pig manure. The separated dry solid is bagged for sale to vegetable producers. Both, the separated solid as well as the filtered liquid that leaves the machine, don't smell. Thus, the use of the seperator means less contamination in multiple aspects.


Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Company: Alimentos El Tunal

Application: Cutting plant with infeed of clean cases and discharge of full cases for processing large quantity of beef.


Elk Grove Village, Il., USA
Company: Belmont Sausage Company
Application: High efficient Slicer Cortex CB 495, to cut slices of beef and pork.


Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México
Activity: Meat Packers
Application: Extra wide open top derinding machine CORTEX C 660 for derinding of ham with bone and boneless ham. Enables fast process with an excelent presentation of the final product.

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