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Equipment for waste water treatment

Made in Germany 


Screw-Press-Separator, mod. SP 254.1

The economical solution for the treatment of industrial effluents and waste

Technology for multipurpose use:

  • Agribusiness
  • Biogas Plants
  • Destileries and breweries
  • Food industry

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Robust and durable

  • Meets environmental effluent standards
  • Separates solids into piles of dry solids
  • Enables raw material recycling
  • Avoids contamination of the environment
  • Reduces cost of chemical input in
    sewage treatment plants

Press screw separator, SP 254.1

Waste water treatment in pig and cattle abattoirs

In pig and cattle abattoirs for the separation of the "red line"and the "green line" (pig stomach contents, cattle paunch manure, gut contents). In chicken processing, the separator is being used for the separation of the raw wastewater and dewatering of feathers in water transport systems. Rendering plants use the Nock separator for the separation of meat pulp after sterilisation.

High efficiency: Waste water treatment of up to 18,000 gls/h

The Dissolved Air Flotation Unit (DAF)

Designed for the removal of light particles as well as fat and oil from wastewater streams

The components of this device are:

  • Cavitation Microbubble Reactor (CMR) provides the finest microbubbles to lift the solids to the surface
  • Tank and skimmer, sludge tank: The skimmer moves the floating sludge against the wastewater flow (counter flow system) and separates it from the liquid

The entire sewage plant

Compact and economic !

The 3 steps of optimized waste water treatment:

  1. Press screw separator
  2. Centrifuge classifier
  3. Dissolved Air Flotation DAF

Industrial filter


  • Effluents of vegatable processing plants
  • Efluents of meat processing plants
  • Waste water of the paper industry
  • Slurry

High capacity of up to 60,000 ltrs/h

High screening efficiency due to rotating filters of 40 to 160 µ

Low operation cost




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