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Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment - Made in Germany

Flake ice machine, Economy SE


Economy SE 600

Flake ice machine, Economy 600


Economy SE 3000

Flake ice machine Economy 3000

Machine performance:

Economy SE 600: 600 kg / 24 h

Economy SE 1500: 1500 kg / 24 h

Economy SE 3000: 3000 kg / 24 h

Scale ice makers


Machines available for a production of 150 up to 6,400 kg/24h

Scale ice maker and refrigeration aggregate are delivered together. The fresh water for making scale ice is directly brought onto the stationary cooling disc and then scrapped-off after the freezing process. No water storage tank is necessary in which bacteria may arise. The refrigeration circulation is closed, there are no rotating sealings like in most refrigeration cylindric constructions. Therefore you have high hygienic safety and very low maintenance.

No water tank is needed.


Flake ice

Important benefits:

  • Never refill cooling agent
  • No bacterial contamination
  • Low maintainance

Bubble Slurry Ice

The unrivaled Bubble Slurry Ice machine use a proprietary and patented production method, which offers userproven advantages over its competitors. They are highly efficient in heat transfer and energy consumption, offer a high output in terms of real ice production, use the highest hygienic, hydraulic and electrical safety standards, and are environmentally friendly. Bubble Slurry Ice machines have been in continuous operation with just brief interruptions for normal maintenance and cleaning of circuits and filters, and have proven their reliability under the most stringent conditions, like on fish trawlers in the arctic seas, in extreme temperatures at shrimp farms in the desert, in crowded fish markets, and making online Bubble Slurry Ice using seawater of up to 25°C.

Important benefits:

  • High cooling efficiency
  • Fast cooling process
  • Less energy consumption
  • Ice can be pumped through regular hoses or pipes
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