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Meat processing machines

Equipment for meat processing - Made in Germany


Derinder machine, mod. Standard CB 430

Developed for the small trade or for processing of medium thick pieces of meat. With short detachable conveyor belt for supply and metal sheet for removal, ressure unit spring-beared but not adjustable in height, conveyor belt for removal optional

Meat Derinder Machine

  • Cutting width: 430 mm
  • Cutting effect: 24 m/min.
  • Through pass: 90 mm

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Derinder machines, mod. Cortex CB 501 and CB 701

Developped for industry for processing low and high products. Products and pressure wheels are saved by the additionally infinitely variable adjustment in height. Automatic feeding by long conveyor belt for supply. Spring-beared pressure unit which is additionally adjustable in height. Through-pass up to 150 mm. Upon request the skinning machines for conveyor system can be equipped with a conveyor belt for removal as well as an additonal conveyor belt for removal of the skins. With our skinning machines for industry with conveyor system, manual working is not possible.

Meat Derinding Machine

  • Cutting width: 500 mm / 700 mm
  • Cutting effect: 29 m/min.
  • Through pass: 150 mm

Open Top Derinder machines, mod. C 460 and C 560

For manual processing of large and round pieces of meat. With cast-off unit, skinning thickness is infinetly variable, with spring beared pressure unit for blade holder and steering rollers with locking device, with foot switch for turning on and off, with ergonomic working height and reinforcement sheets inside the machine for long durability. The support tables are fixed swingable.

Open Top Derinding Machine for Meat

  • Cutting width: 430 mm / 500 mm
  • Cutting effect: 24 m/min.


Various machines available for the small business and for industrial use

  • Capacity from 500 up to 10,000 kg/h

The unprocessed meat is conveyed to the perforated stainless steel cylinder by a flexible and highly wear-resistant polyurethane crusher belt. The uniformly increasing pressure forcing the soft meat through the perforations into the cylinder while the larger and firmer parts (bones, sinews, tendons, cartilage, etc.) are held back on the outside of the cylinder and removed by scrapers.

The separated meat maintains its natural fibre structure because it is not grated, ground or heated in any way !

Separator for universal use

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Open Top Table Derinder machine, mod. C 420


A versatile machine for the small trade or for processing meat or use as a back up machine.

  • Cutting width: 430 mm
  • Cutting effect: 24 m/min.

Membraning machines, mod. V 460 and V 560

The NOCK membraning machines distinguish themselves by a very low loss of meat. Therefore quick amortization of the machines. Equipment of the machine: With tooth roller and cleaning roller, spring-beared blade holder, pneumatic cleaning system, wheels with locking device, foot switch for turing on and off. Ergonomic working height. Reinforcement sheets inside the machine for a long durability. Hygiene: A big, entire working table protects the meat from contact with inside parts of the machine and flung away parts of meat.

Open Top Derinder Machine   

  • Cutting width: 430 mm
  • Cutting effect: 37 m/min.

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Slicer, mod. Cortex CB 495/4 and CB 495/7 Slicer

With conveyor belt for supply and for removal for efficient, gentle cutting of slices or stripes of meat. Distance of blades to be indicated with the order (preferential distances: 8,12,16,24,32 mm). The machine cannot be used for cutting frozen products or meat with bones.

  • Slices meat of equal size
  • Meat (> 0° C)
  • Portioning of meat
  • Cutting width: 370 mm / 600 mm
  • Diameter of blades: 200 mm / 300 mm
  • Cutting effect: 15 m/min. / 19 m/min.

Slicing and portioning machine

The K series is a versatile machine for products with or without bones. Thus you can slice meat, beef, chops, bacon, roasting meat, sausages, cold cut and cheese either fresh, frozen or slightly frozen (up to -4° C).


  • Chops
  • Fresh meat
  • Frozen meat(> - 4° C)
  • Bacon
  • Fillet
  • Steaks/ T-bone
  • Cold cuts

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